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Matthew Cogburn

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About Me

Degrees and Certifications:

I have a technical certificate in law enforcement from Southern Arkansas University Tech.

Professional Development:

I have attended many professinal development conferences and classes in the past year to help me become one of the best school resource officer’s in Garland County. Classes such as, Learning from the teen brain to prevent bullying behavior, Addiction 101, Suicide prevention, Autism spectrum and law enforcement, Human Trafficking advocacy training, The danger of social media and teens, and several hours of active shooter training.

Current Position:

Fourteen year veteran of the Garland County Sheriff’s Department

Certified through the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy

Certified Law Enforcement Instructor

Certified Crisis Negotiator

Certified as a School Resource Officer


Previous Position:

Prior to becoming a school resource officer I worked in the adult detention center for thirteen years, four years in the detention center and nine years supervising an inmate work crew. 

Family Information:

I am married with four children and we have one dog.

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Matthew Cogburn

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