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Red Devil Drumline


2017 PRIDE

The Pride of the Red Devils Drumline is the driving force behind our ensemble. As the largest and loudest section in the band, the drumline offers many types of performance oppertunities for our young musicians. From cadences to drumline competitions, the Red Devil Drumline will be a cornerstone of the Mountain Pine Music Department for years to come!


2018-2019 Red Devil Drumline

(Subject to Change)

Vincent Bromley – Drum Major

Tyler Caswell – Tenors (Section Leader)

Jamie Walsh – Cymbals (Section Leader)

Lia Munson – Lead Snare Drum

Zeke Turner – Snare Drum

Zane Waldon – Snare Drum

Michael Clinton – Tri Toms

Cody Davis – Bass Drum

Austin Arnold – Bass Drum

Noelle Christman – Bass Drum

Hannah Christman – Bass Drum

Madison Terry – Bass Drum / Cymbals

Kaleb Linn – Bass Drum / Snare

Ethan Stark – Keyboard/Aux