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Purchasing Commodities

ACSIP Current Year

Annual Report to the Public 2023-24

Annual School Report Card 

Accredited-Probationary Status (If Applicable)

  • Current Academic Year
  • Academic Year One Year Prior
  • Academic Year Two Years Prior

Academic Distress, School  Improvement and/or Fiscal Distress Explanation (If Applicable)

Private School Legal Notice

Private School Legal Notice 2017

Report to the Public – Meeting Sept. 19, 2022

Health and Wellness

MPSD McKinney Vento Information

Foster Care Plan

MPSD Title IX Information

Ready for Learning & Re-entry Plan for Students and Families

2021-22 Parent Right-to-Know

HVAC Legal Notice

ARP ESSER Funds Plan MPSD 2021-22

ARP ESSER Continuity of Services/Safe Return to School Plan 2021-22

ARP ESSER Funds/Continuity of Services 2022-23 

2023-24 ARP ESSER Continuity of Services/Ready to Learn Plan

Revised ARP ESSER Plan for Use of Funds August 2022

Revised ARP ESSER Plan for Use of Funds November 2022

Revised ARP ESSER Funds/Continuity of Services 2022-23

Revised ARP ESSER Funds/Continuity of Services (Use of ARP ESSER Funds) March 2023 

Revised LEA Plan for use of ARP ESSER Funds 2023-2024

Recruitment and Retention Additional Pa2023-2024

ESOL Program

Federal Programs Written Procedures

Ad for Bids HVAC (Formal)

Ad for Bids HVAC (Cafeteria)

Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) Application 2021-22

Minority Teacher & Administrator Recruitment Plan

Complaint Resolution Form for Equitable Services/Private Schools

COVID Information

Annual Parent Notice/Aviso anual a los padres Right to Request Teacher Qualifications/Derecho a solicitar las acreditaciones de los maestrosPP