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Jr. High Band

Christmas Concert

The Mountain Pine Jr. High Band is made up of 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade beginning instrumentalist. This band will perform at many events and activates throughout the school year. Band is an academic class, but has a few different requirements of students that is not asked of students in other classes.  All performances are required.  If a student is enrolled in band they are required to be at each performance.  Band students receive class credit/grades for their performances.  Failure to be a performance or event will result in lost of grades for that performance. For further explanation please refer to the course syllabus or speak with the Director of Bands. Students who are in the Jr. High Band will be given the opportunity to try out for the Region II All-Region Band as well as participate in Solo and Ensemble during the Spring Semester. Encourage your student to join the Red Devil Band Program and grow as a musician. It will open many doors and opportunities for them as they prepare for high school and will also give them scholarship opportunities. Jr. High members that excel will be promoted into the Sr. High Red Devil PRIDE Marching Band with many more performance opportunities.