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Useful Links for Students

Garland County Library
Image that corresponds to Garland County Library

Our local public library offers a fantastic selection of books & media, wonderful programs, and exciting activities. There’s even an online portal where you can download music & books or stream movies. You should check them out! 

What Should I Read Next?
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Tell this website the title or author of a book you’ve enjoyed, and it will suggest others that share common topics, themes, or writing styles. 

Arkansas Traveler Database Search
Image that corresponds to Arkansas Traveler Database Search

This access point links you to at least four separate databases (the exact number varies on the subscriptions the state carries at that time). It’​s a great starting point for research! 

Purdue OWL
Image that corresponds to Purdue OWL

Writing resources & citation help for all the important formats (including APA & MLA) you’ll use when writing papers. 

Cite this for Me
Image that corresponds to Cite this for Me

Enter your information and this website will generate a citation for you in MLA, APA, or Harvard formats! 

Arkansas DMV Practice Tests
Image that corresponds to Arkansas DMV Practice Tests

Before you go try for your permit, test your knowledge with this collection of DMV practice tests! Tests range from easy to hard.