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  • We're going to have a Monster-ously Great Year in the MPES Library!
  • We love when Mr. Drew from Garland County Library comes to read to us!
  • Book Fair 2017 is ready to go!
  • Book Fair Drawing Winners got to choose anything they wanted from the Fair!
  • Another Book Fair Drawing winner!
  • 1st Graders taking a Go Noodle break!
  • Pumpkin Decorating Contest Winners (Cheshire Cat, Humpty Dumpty, & James and the Giant Peach!)
  • Kindergarteners & First Graders decorated the Christmas Tree!
  • Third Grader Gabe has written and self-published his own book, The Adventures of Ape Boy and the Attack of the Inhumans (and Other Stories)!
  • Nothing better than 300 kids willing to give you a belly rub!
  • Mrs. Landrum was a huge fan of Zuri!
  • Hamilton the Corn Snake got plenty of attention, too!
  • Zuri made sure everyone got to pet her!
  • Hamilton meeting some first graders
  • Zuri thought Ms. A's lap was the perfect place to sit!
  • We kicked off Teen Tech Week by learning about early video games, including Atari's Adventure!
  • More Atari fun!
  • Playing Old School Oregon Trail
  • Kylee's championship Pixel Art: first place!
  • Avery's a Pixel Art winner!
  • Kamryn's pixel art ice cream!
  • Jannet entered two pixel art pictures, and this was her favorite!
  • Skylar and her award-winning pixel squid!
  • Hanna took a more harmonious approach, and it paid off!
  • Celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday with some crafts in the first grade!
  • Our Cats in the Hat!
  • James' Cat has a very impressive hat!
  • Who's that kitty cat?
  • Maria & her Cat
  • Lexie shows off her Cat in the Hat
  • First graders & their Cats in the Hat
  • Second graders designing a leprechaun trap
  • Bella's showing off her leprechaun bait!
  • Teamwork makes trapping mythical creatures easier!
  • Future engineers!
  • Look at that impressive rainbow slide!
  • Demonstrating how the leprechaun trap works
  • The leprechaun even left these girls a note!

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